These shipping guidelines incorporate our requirements on Packaging, Labeling, Documentation and Transportation. The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure high quality service and to help us expedite merchandise through our distribution environment. Deviations from standard packing, shipping, and labeling can cause delays and substantial additional processing expense.

Adhering to these guidelines will result in more efficient, accurate and timely receiving, reduced inbound costs and increased customer satisfaction.


Accurate and complete PO’s must be sent over to Tech & Bowery before shipments arrive on the loading dock. Tech & Bowery requires all of the following conditions for inbound receiving to be done

  • All Inbound shipments must arrive between Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.
  • All Inbound shipments should be addressed to the Client Name and c/o Tech & Bowery
  • All Inbound shipments must have a Purchase Order that ties to PO in Tech & Bowery system.
  • All Inbound shipments must have a Pack Slip with PO number detailing what the shipment contains.
  • All Inbound shipments must be packed/sorted by SKU at the carton level.
  • All Inbound shipments should arrive presorted by Purchase Order – not multiple Purchase Order’s mixed onto one pallet.
  • Client must provide Tech & Bowery a bill of lading for all inbound shipments prior to their arrival.
  • Client must provide a breakdown of each carton by UPC and quantity.
  • Client must provide the carton count and respective weight on each shipment. If inbound shipment is palletized, client must provide pallet weights.
  • Client must send a breakdown of each shipment in .xls, .xlsx, .txt or .csv format detailing quantities shipped by UPC or SKU. .PNG, .PDF, .TIFF or .JPG formatted files will not be accepted.
  • Acceptable methods of communicating this information are: email, posting files to a designated folder on FTP, posting files to a designated folder on SFTP, XML Feed, or providing access to internal ERP where complete information is stored. All other methods of communicating transfers must be approved by Tech & Bowery
  • All inbound shipments shipments over 25 cartons need to be palletized.
  • All items must come storage ready. For apparel and accessories, the product must poly bagged, properly insulated. For shoes, glassware, bedding, they must be individually boxed by sale unit.
  • All items must have a scannable bar code on outer packaging on each unit. That scannable bar code must correspond to the style > color > size detail of each product. In the event that the scannable bar code is not corresponding the style > color > size detail level, a new scannable bar code will be applied to the product.
  • In the event that each SKU (Style > Color > Size) has multiple possible UPCs, client must provide a UPC reference file. This UPC reference file will act as a cross reference between all UPCs that could be on each individual SKU. Please inquire with Tech & Bowery operations representative should you need further explanation or sample formatting for such a file.
  • Client shall provide timely and accurate forecasts of its inbound product volumes and product types in order to enable Tech & Bowery to conduct fulfillment and resource planning.
  • Client must notify Tech & Bowery of inbound receiving prior to goods arriving at warehouse.
  • Unless otherwise requested from Tech & Bowery, Client will arrange for delivery of all PO’s to warehouse. Client will notify Tech & Bowery of all arrangements made for inbound shipments.
  • Tech & Bowery will not accept C.O.D. deliveries.
  • Items that are not in compliance with shipping requirements will be subject to inbound receiving and work order charges.

Before sending Tech & Bowery product, please have the following information available to expedite your request:

  • Purchase Order Number
  • Total Case Count
  • Total weight of each case
  • Total Unit Count
  • Pallet weight & dimensions if goods are palletized
Bill-of-Lading (LTL and FTL)

The body of the Bill-of-Lading must contain the following information:

  • Carrier Name
  • Destination address
  • Purchase order number (s)
  • Number of cartons shipped
  • Number of pallets, if applicable
Packing List

Each shipment must contain a packing list. The packing list should be attached to the lead carton, marked “Packing List”. If packing list will not be attached, a copy must be sent to your Client Service Representative at Tech & Bowery prior to the arrival of freight.

The packing list should include the following information:

  • Client Name
  • Vendor Name
  • Purchase Order Number
  • Sku Number/UPC
  • Total units per Sku
  • Number of cartons on the delivery
Outer Carton Markings

All cartons sent to Tech & Bowery must have the following information:

  • Label “Client Name” c/o Tech & Bowery
  • PO Number
  • Itemized and Total carton quantity “1 of 12, 2 of 12”, etc.

When packaging items for delivery the following requirements should be followed:

  • One Sku Per Carton preferred, but not always practical
  • If multiple skus per carton, it should indicate on the outside “mixed product”
  • Each Sku should be marked with the item number, if the item number is not the UPC number
  • Each Sku should be marked with the UPC
  • If neither your UPC or SKU are included on the product, the vendor item number should be labeled and be clearly communicated on the PO file.
Container Processing

In the event that Client sends Tech & Bowery product in a container, that will require special inbound procedures and a different fee structure.

  • In order for Tech & Bowery to align receiving resources all container deliveries must be scheduled at least 4 business in advance of delivery.
  • All containers must have products palletized within the containers.
  • Tech & Bowery will charge clients a fee for stripping containers. Fee is based on the time required to strip the container.
  • Clients must provide Tech & Bowery with all container packing instructions.
  • Items must be secured in containers in order to expedite container stripping time.
  • When possible, pack containers by single SKU.
Receiving Work Orders

While Tech & Bowery tries to eliminate all receiving costs, they are only able to do so when products arrive in the conditions listed above. If not, a work order will be needed to receive the PO into inventory. Items that will incur a work order include:

  • Labeling individual items with scannable bar codes
  • Building kits with multiple SKUs on inbound
  • Transcribing packing slips that are not passed in the approved format listed above
  • Sorting cartons on inbound across various PO’s
  • Building reference tables Reconcile UPCs
  • Researching shipments that arrive without a PO
  • Research by item for unscanable bar codes
  • Stripping containers whether they are palletized or floor loaded
  • Palletizing the inbound products from a container
  • Unpacking products that are individually wrapped in a master carton and need to be scanned in individually, i.e. 6 pack glasses
  • Researching items comingled in with an inbound PO, but are not on that PO
  • Applying or removing bubble wrap on products on inbound
  • Breaking down an inbound receiving and turning it around to be forwarded to another facility
  • General warehouse work order requests

Given the evolving needs of our clients, this list represents a subset of all billable inbound receiving costs. In the event that any PO will incur a receiving cost, Client will be notified via email prior to receiving beginning. Notification will include an estimate. Client must approve fees before work will begin.


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