5 Must-Have Back to School Items Under $16 on Amazon

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  • August 16, 2019

Ah, a new school year. The scent of freshly sharpened pencils and stress pheromones fill the air. Whatever you say about the beginning of a new semester, there’s no better time to hone your inner “studyspo” with some fresh new supplies that will have your teacher wishing she got something better than a plain apple.

The Pencil Case

Sleek. Modest. Not too flashy, but not too bland. The LIHIT LAB Pen Case ticks all our boxes for a writing utensil caddy.

The Water Bottle

Hydration may be last year’s meme, but like all great things, the legacy lives on. Great for socializing: the water cooler never leaves your side.

Raincoat or Poncho

Easily to pack and bring around for sudden rain emergencies or casual hikes. Keep yourself dry with the Terra Hiker Rain Poncho for any occasion.

The Snack

Oof. Okay, buy them for yourself, but whatever you do, don’t offer any to us. We don’t have the willpower. Good thing you have the nuts to keep your energy up as we claw for them.

The Journal

Writing in this journal’s pages might summon a fairy. Good thing your classroom’s windows have screens. Use this to jot down your homework, plans, ideas, doodles. Or spells.

EXTRA: The Dongle

For the special students with an attachment to earphones with cable. These are necessary for long study sessions that last longer than your wireless earphone batteries.

Or check out some of these offers below:

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