Reclaim Your Brand on Amazon

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  • April 21, 2017

What is Amazon Brand Registry?


Manufactures, private labels, and exclusive or authorized sellers can use Brand Registry to extend some control over their product listings and add additional Enhanced Brand Content, ultimately making it easier to control your brand’s product pages.


The Perks:
  • Authority Over Content
    • When other sellers list your product, the content (images and text) your upload will supersede what was previously written.
    • This includes all product details like title and bullet points.
    • It also includes the ability to request modifications to how variations should be grouped (ex: size name should be dimensions and not just S, M, L.)
  • Enhanced Brand Content
    • Additional photos and text that helps increase sales. Read more about EBC here.
  • Global Catalog Identifier (GCID)
    • This identifier can be in place of or in addition to UPCs, EANs, or JANs. It also allows you to sell internationally.
What It Doesn’t Cover:
  • Other Seller that also have brand Registry
    • If another seller with Brand Registry has a better seller rating while competing on the same listing, they will can win the buy box and the content.
  • Brand Gating
    • Brand gating, so that another seller cannot sell your product as new, is not included.
As of the first week of April, Brand Registration is closed for all applicants excluding those without UPCs or other product identifiers. The expectation is that Amazon will reopen Brand Registry applications with an additional fee for reviewing or upon accepting an application.

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